My wise and funny friend, Amy.

Elliott's Provisions

Sometimes you need a touchstone.  You need to remember a thing that makes you feel whole and a thing that grounds you while you seem to float around.  It’s not even floating these days.  I’m getting tossed around.  The winter has been stormy; our seashore has been heaved up and poured into homes and buildings and has created chaos.  There weren’t many storms but each one left damage in its wake.

It was a flu season that hasn’t quit.  The darkness of winter has stayed despite the longer days and later nights, earlier sunrises. The stark trees still cackle and scratch and the tiny hint of green bud has barely risen to the ends of branches.

Looking ahead seems futile. It doesn’t help.  The winter has sat on its crossed legs forever and doesn’t seem like it feels the need to get up.  So no, looking ahead is desperate right now.  Looking…

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